How to Frame Art Prints: My Frame Recommendations

I get asked from time to time about how to pick out a frame for art prints. So I thought it'd be nice to put together a quick list of my recommendations.

1. First, you need to understand what size print you have, and if that size is going to fit in a standard frame you can buy off the shelf.

"Off the shelf" just means you'd be able to order online, or in person at a place like Target or Michaels or Amazon. Or if you have an unusual size print, you can certainly still buy a frame off the shelf, but will need to get a custom mat cut by a frame specialist (a local framer or the framing desk at Michaels can do this for you).

Custom framing will allow for more customization, and wider or more ornate frames, but will also be significantly more expensive. Custom framing could be great for you if you're looking a premium frame and the one-on-one guidance from a framing specialist.

*All my prints are standard sizes, in order to make it as easy and inexpensive as possible for you to decorate your home with beautiful art. If you've ordered a print from me, you know it's going to fit in a standard size frame (no custom framing required).

You can see the prints I have currently available here.

2. Second, you need to decide if you are wanting a matted look, or an unmatted look on your print.

The mat is the extra white border around the print. Here's a couple examples of what an art print looks like without a mat:

And here's a couple views of what an art print looks like with a mat:

3. Third, purchase your frame! 

Here's a list of a few of my favorites that are easy to find. Click on the pics to link to the frame. Each one has different size options available. If you decided you want a mat, you need to find a frame that has a listed "mat opening" size that matches the size of your print. If no mat, you're just looking at the listed frame size.


And here's a couple I haven't used personally but have heard great things about:

Don't let the frame decision worry you! If you are really new at this and feel uncomfortable ordering something, you can walk into Michaels, head to the back of the store to the framing desk, and ask someone there: "I have a 16 x 20 inch print (or whatever size you ordered), could you help me see what options you have available in the store presently that are not custom?" They can help you find the correct size and show you available options.

Hope you found this post helpful—feel free to share it with anyone you think might enjoy it! 

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Thanks for being here, and here’s to inviting more beauty into our everyday.



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